Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Festivals of Light

By Rev. Amari Magdalena

 This is a resurrection of an old piece that I wrote when I lived in Albuquerque New Mexico in the early 90’s.  It is chocked full of great information about celebrations at this time of year.  I’d highly recommend that you make a copy of this and keep it near your calendar as each celebration commences in the last month of 2017. Perhaps you will be drawn to one particular ceremony or possibly you will want to embrace them all in a glow of candles.  Years ago I had candle holders for each celebration and honored all.

It began in total darkness. The abandoned old automobile showroom came alive with twinkling lights.  Rainbow streamers pirouetted down from once obtrusive columns.  Music, art, dance, food, and children’s merriment lit up the Winter Solstice night as reminders of the covenant of light so woven into each of our individual cultures.  Dancing snowflakes stuck to the windows completing the picture of magic.  And, we knew that after this long night the light would again return--slowly, ever so slowly. Gentiles and Jews, Buddhists and Blacks, Latino and Pueblo observed this Celebration of the South marking the deepest darkness of cosmic obscurity.  It was an event of culturally diverse people sharing their own unique light celebration in concert with one another.  We brought presents for the tree of life to gift back into the community.  Our celebration unfolded as a fitting tribute for a Mass celebrating the birth of our solar Sun.

Each person lit a candle as the ceremony progressed to bring back the light and end the cycle of entropy.  In the four cardinal directions we acclaimed the seasons and their lessons.  We began in the East where at Spring Equinox we launched the masculine cycle of the year and gave thanks for genesis. In the South we recalled the blessings of full sun, the warmth and passion of the season of expansion.  The West was lauded for the feminine cycle and harvest of Mother Earth’s munificence.  And finally, the North was extolled for the emergence from the inner cave of introspection and the ensuing inner awakening.

The month of December holds many traditions of Light.  Through Winter Solstice or Yule, Hanukkah, Christmas --Traditional and Eastern Orthodox, Twelve Holy Days Candle Ceremony and Kwanzaa we shed light on the challenges of the old year and free ourselves for the wealth of opportunities that the new year proffers.  In each culture and tradition, light is the key to illumination and the freedom it brings.  December brings ceremonial warmth and light to all corners of the world. As each person in his or her own way marks the return of light, life is renewed.  Through ceremonies of light we complete the old and embrace the new--making the home and hearth more festive, lighting the lights, gifting from the heart, and gathering with our circle of friends and family.  In the twinkling of the candles or fires are afforded an opportunity to see our own unique spark of divinity and to commit to moving forward into the New Year 2018 with passion, compassion, and love!

Amari is co-sponsoring a Solstice Celebration on Wednesday, December 20th at the Majestic in Bellingham.  For information visit the Facebook site: https://www.facebook.com/events/169502160304518/

What follows are descriptions of many of the Light Celebrations:

Hanukkah-December 12 to 20, 2017

This Festival of Lights is celebrated for eight days beginning on the 25th day of the month of Kislev (November/December) to memorialize the victory of Jews over Hellenistic Syrians.  A nine-candelabra called a Menorah meaning “fire” is lit to acknowledge the light of religious, national, and cultural freedom won by the Maccabees for their people.  The triumph of the Maccabees fueled a resurrection of Judaism, which had waned under Hellinism.  A server candle the Shamash is lit first and used to ignite the flame of each of the eight nights with chanting and blessings.  The miracle of lamp oil used to light the rededication of the Temple is at the root of the eight-night commemoration.  Judah Maccabee found uncovered a small container of oil sufficient to light the lamps for one night only.  Through Divine intervention the oil lasted steadfastly through eight nights until new oil was obtained. 

Winter Solstice-December 21, 2017

Celebrated in many cultures worldwide for thousands of years, the Winter Solstice marks the start of the solar year as a celebration of Light and rebirth of the Sun.  Norse tradition called it Yule (Wheel).  In Japan Goddess Amaterasu emerged from her dark cave (hibernation), saw her reflection in a mirror and then lit the world with refracted love from her image.  Celts rejoiced with Sun Goddess Lucina.  Yemaya an African Goddess created the world anew from her womb at Solstice.  Ancient Roman’s festival of Saturnalia lasted as much as a week with rituals, feasts, merry-making, prayers for the crops and ceremonial/social activities.  Druids adorned their homes with sacred herbs and holiday colors of red, green and white.  Mistletoe above the threshold acted as a charm for good luck throughout the coming year. Sacred candles were lit, and new fires kindled to symbolize the returning light.  Turning the Wheel of The Year back toward the sun helped cultures through time before mind connect with cycles of Earth and understand our reciprocal needs.

Christmas or The Mass of the Christos-December 25, 2017

Literally Christmas means the mass of Christ—a ritual ceremony.  Unable to compete with the boisterous Pagan celebrations, early Christians in the second and third centuries moved the celebration of the birth of Jesus of Nazareth to its December 25th date.  The Christian celebration of the Sun of God was more easily assimilated by cultures who for eons ceremonied the annual return of the Sun.  Thus, son as Light of the World became synonymous with the solar sun.  Questions over the validity of lunar calendars resulted in solar calendars dating back to ancient Egypt.  In 45 BC Julius Caesar established the Julian Calendar with 365 days and a leap year every fourth year.  In 1582 the Gregorian Calendar was developed which parallels our modern constructs of time.  Political dissention within the Catholic church created a liturgical difference that left Roman Catholics adhering to the December 25th Christmas day and Eastern Orthodox believers celebrating it a full 12 days later.  Christmas was thus celebrated as a time to pay homage for the gift of Light, literal and figurative.

 Kwanzaa-December 26, 2017-January 1, 2017

A modern Black American celebration developed following the 1965-Watts riots in Los Angeles, Kwanzaa was conceived by Dr. Maulana Karenga to help African-Americans reconnect with their heritage.  The holiday is celebrated for seven days from December 26th to January 1st.  Each day focuses on one of seven goals or Nguzo Saba (the seven principles of Kwanzaa).  The Nguzo Saba are:

Unity (Umoja) – Black Candle
Self-Determination (Kujichagulia) – Green Candle
Collective Work and Responsibility (Ujima) – Green Candle
Cooperative Economics (Ujamaa) – Green Candle
Purpose (Nia) – Red Candle
Creativity (Huumba) – Red Candle
Faith (Imani) – Red Candle

The words are Swahili, the most commonly shared language in Africa.  A Kinara (kee-nah-rah) much like the Jewish menorah holds one candle for each day of Kwanzaa.  The black candle is lit first with the remaining six on each of the following days.  A ritual feast called the Karamu is the highlight of the holiday on the sixth day.  The altar features a straw mat called a Mkeka (m-kay-cah) where traditional items are placed for a sense of foundation.  Muhindi (Moo-heen-dee), ears of corn, symbolize the children and the ability of offspring to produce thus immortalizing a nation and culture.  The Kikombe Cha Umoja (kee-coam-bay chah-oo-moe-jah) is the cup of unity in honor of ancestors.  The Zawadi (sah-wah-dee) or gifts represent the fruits of the parents and the rewards of their seeds sown in their children.  The focus of Kwanzaa is to relate to the past in order to understand the present and deal with the future.  The purpose is to maintain history.  The sense of direction is to practice principles the assisted ancestors with life’s challenges.  And the goal of Kwanzaa is to develop positive Black self-esteem as a culturally desirable pattern of principles.

12 Holy Days Candle Ceremony-December 26, 2017-January 6, 2018 (All Kings Day in Mexico-Eastern Orthodox Christmas)

Following is a synthesized celebration of the 12 Holy Days Candle Ceremony.  This can be undertaken following traditional Christmas or twelve days before the New Year. You will need candles of the following colors: 12 White (Purity); 6 Pink (Love); 6 Yellow (Creation); 5 Blue (Communication; 3 Purple (Divinity); 2 Green (Wealth); and 2 Red (Passion for Life)—36 candles in all. This traditionally had a Saint associated with each day.  To make it more universally usable, I made some changes.

Day One -Begin with the zodiacal sign of Aries and light one each white, pink and yellow candle signifying new beginnings and creation.  Spiritual Center: Crown
Day Two - Celebrate home and hearth as Taurus.  Light one each white, yellow and purple candle to create love, harmony and humility within your dwelling.  Spiritual Center: Throat.
Day Three – Visual Gemini with hands of healing, peace and understanding by lighting one each white, pink, and green candle.  Spiritual Center: Hands
Day Four – Focus on transformation and soul as truth by acknowledging Cancer and light one each white, blue, and pink candle.  Spiritual Center: Solar Plexus.
Day Five – Behold the power of love and the benefit of releasing old sorrows to embrace new joys as Leo.  Light one each white, pink, and purple candle.  Spiritual Center: Heart
Day Six – See the Virgin Virgo as symbol of purification (Jesus’ purported birth sign). Light one each white, purple, and green candle.  Focus on service.  Spiritual Center: Intestinal Tract
Day Seven – See beauty in all things expressing Divine attributes as Libra—balancer.  Light white, yellow, and blue candles.  Spiritual Center: Adrenals
Day Eight – Transmute matter, honor the life and death cycles and express compassion as Scorpio.  Light white, yellow, and pink candles and purify your heart.  Spiritual Center: Reproductive Generative System.
Day Nine – Become the light of the world as Sagittarius and focus on the mastery of Intent—your life work.  Light white, yellow, and red candles.  Spiritual Center: Solar Plexus
Day Ten – Humble yourself, surrender to access the Christos consciousness within.  Light white, yellow, and blue candles to signify Capricorn.  Spiritual Center: Knees.
Day Eleven – Embrace the Universe in the perfection with a broad love of humanity expressed in Aquarius.  Spiritual Center: Lower limbs
Day Twelve – See yourself as a piece of God spirit or the oneness as human form Divine manifest through Pisces and declare the “I Am” within and without.  Walk you talk (i.e. peace walk of The Peace Pilgrim) Spiritual Center: Feet

Friday, December 1, 2017

Mastery of the Game of Life

By Rev. Amari Magdalena

What if this [sic: life] is really a board game like Monopoly and some own Boardwalk and Park Place and others do not pass Go and are sent directly to jail without collecting their monthly stipend?  Wouldn’t it all seem almost laughable?  Yes, I know, for some it is their very reality and not funny at all.  I’m making a point here and that is that so much of the drama, judgments, emotional roller coasters etc. in life are part of the game.  True some rides are better than others.

Had I not had the following experience after my harsh, autocratic step-father’s passing, I might have missed an important lesson in life.  After he passed, I had a vision.  In this dream-like state, I saw that my life was a movie or play with characters and a casting coach.  The lesson to be learned was about taking my own power.  Souls in my group of actors gathered.  Each was to play a role.  When the casting coach asked for those characters who were willing to play the ‘bad guys,’ my incarnate step-father stepped forward.  Ours was a very close bond in the ethers, it seemed, thus he was willing to risk being intensely disliked or hated, at times, in the material dream world. He knew at a soul level we were always OK.

This was a very illuminating experience because it helped me see his mastery.  Had I been raised by my own father, I believe I’ve have been an adored princess, the apple of my father’s eye.  Would that have lead me to rebel and move towards independence?  I doubt it.  I’d have been too complacent and contented to want to sever ties.  With my difficult step-father, it was easy to want to get the hell away and as far as I could, as soon as I could.

I share this with you to make an important point.  Many of us are unhappy and beyond frustrated with our current White House occupant, Donald J. Trump.  He makes it so easy for us to loathe, hate, denigrate, and eschew his actions and rhetoric each and every day.  Most of us are sick of seeing him and hearing from him. We’d like him gone and the sooner the better.  My hands up for the vote; many of yours are too.

Wait, have we missed something here?  What if DJT is a Master who made a soul agreement to play a vile role in awakening people in this country to what is truly important?  What if his exaggerated gesticulations, relentless tweets, proposed laws of prejudice and class separation, sociopathic and narcissistic antics are simply messages from spirit to wake us the hell up?  What if we needed such a jolt to slay our collective complacency into actions for fostering and preserving our freedoms?

This is not the first, nor probably the last, time in history when a repugnant influencer changed the course of history ultimately for the good.  By the very depth of their deviance from what most consider humanitarian precepts, didn’t all of the lot ultimately succeed in helping people wake up. 

In my lifetime, I am reminded of 13 history changing ‘bad guys:’ Adolph Hitler; Joseph Stalin; Pol Pot; Kim II Jung; Vladimir Lenin; Saddam Hussein; Mao Zedong; Enver Pasha, Ho Chi Minh, Yahya Kahn, Tojo Hideki; Chiang Kai-Shek; Hirohito who killed a conservative estimate of 172 million people.  And there are noteworthy others.  All did an inestimable amount of damage to the human condition.

What lessons were learned from their evil intentions and tenure?  The answer, hue and cry for humanitarianism along with reforms to prevent massive deaths and prejudicial treatment of various targeted populations.  As we watch an unfolding drama of rising hatred and prejudice and severally divisive politics, we are witnessing a picture so bleak that most of us are alarmed.  In our alarm, we are mobilizing, taking actions, hosting salons of discussion, planning for an end to the ugly portraiture that is before us every day in the media keeping us hyper alert. In others word, we are beginning to feel really awake.

Perhaps the ebb and flow of our own lives and history are simply waves or graphs of evolution and devolution which present choices to each of us daily to be truly conscious.  I posit that when we are consciously living, each and every day, we move into our soul’s work of ascension. We look in the reflection of the mirror each day and decide what kind of character we want to play in the Game of Life.  That truth look, helps us master the game.

So, perhaps, we might send ‘thank you’ notes to DJT as we remind him that we are on to his role in the game now and admonish him to not let the door hit him on the way out!

"Once the game is over, the King and the Pawn go back in the same box."  Italian proverb

  "I've come to realize that life is neither a battle nor a game to be won, it is a game nonetheless, but to be played..enjoyed.  There are neither winners nor losers...just players--and what's great is that you can choose who to play with."  Val Uchendu

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

The Lightworker Label

By Rev. Amari Magdalena

“I’m a Lightworker.”  How many times do we see that phrase bandied around on sites promoting metaphysical spirituality?  How often, over the years, have you or I described ourselves as such? I suggest too often.  Why do I say that?  Semantics often get in the way of communication and communion with our other humans on the planet.  This is one of those words/expressions that separates.

If you and I say we are “light workers” we are in fact saying that we are somehow special or above the fray of those who do not espouse our metaphysical beliefs.  Isn’t that what religions have done for eons resulting in alienation and wars over the chasms created by separateness?

I understand the pride that goes along with this type of label and how intoxicating it may be.  It says, “I’m special.” However, for those not on that boat, it suggests superiority, condescension, and haughtiness.  Oh, not that you/we intended that, yet it certainly is the hidden result of such verbiage.

Let’s consider a metaphysical principal that we are all an aspect of the Divine or Creative Source.  If we truly embrace that value, then how on earth can we use a term that suggests that only a select few embody that?  Doesn’t make a whole lot of sense when viewed through that lens, does it?

A greater result of embracing the lightworker label, is feeling unique; another game of life to assuage our inner demons of self-doubt.  I’d suggest in a world that has failed to recognize the very specialness and talents of each person on the planet, many need to somehow stand out. 

If I had the gift of creating a more equitable and affirming world, I would make sure that every single being on the planet were acknowledged for their particular talent and how it enhances the greater good.  I am reminded of stories about aboriginal people in Australia.  Interdependence was highly valued along with appreciation for each person’s contribution to the greater good.

Another aspect of this that comes to mind is, in my opinion, failing to understand duality, polarity, and separation.  At the risk of sounding like a broken record yet again, I repeat, “We are here to experience separation.”  Our mastery, should it come, lies in recognizing that separation and arresting judgment. Perhaps learning the old Native American adage of walking in another person’s moccasins. Also embracing the Tao without weighting opposites with too much emphasis.

There have indeed been persons on the earth who on grand and smaller scale have done some horrific things.  They’ve annihilated groups, fostered hatred, murdered, blundered etc. Yet, I’d ask you, how is it that you do not see their mastery in the sense that the ill they did, may have awakened great good? Is it not day and night?  Light and dark?  Opposites on a compendium that offers us the possibility of creating balance?

Truly, I understand, that choosing a spiritual path dedicated to enlightment and doing acts of good is commendable. Using language that separates is the antidote to that good, don’t you see? I advise, go on elevating your consciousness and performing acts of great goodness and kindness.  That will surely make for a better world.  Just please, surrender the judgment through the label lightworker that places others in the abyss.  If you want to help others, find the light in them, and affirm it. 

"A good person can make another person good; it means that goodness will elicit goodness in the society; other persons will also be good." Bhumibol Adulyadej  

"Enlightened leadership is spiritual if we understand spirituality not as some kind of religious dogma, or ideology, but as a domain of awareness where we experience values like truth, goodness, beauty, love, and compassion, and also intuition, creativity, insight and focused attention."  Deepak Chopra

Saturday, October 14, 2017


By Rev. Amari Magdalena

Like Aretha sang, it’s about time we sock it to the Earth; some respect that is!  This post is in response to a friend’s Facebook post about litter along the highways in the Sonoran Desert off I-19.  It strikes me that we cannot teach what we don’t possess nor can we pass it down the line of generations in a culture that fails to recognize its footprint and impact on Mother Earth.

I remember distinctly a class I had as perhaps a freshman in high school. Our science teacher instructed us that the main grade earned would be dependent on being able to identify and write about a “litterbug.”  Now as you can imagine, that word was not in the common vernacular in those times.  It was quite the experience.  And, not a joke like identifying, BANA2.  That was in the middle fifties. We’ve come along sad way since then as evidenced by the litter strewn about our byways and highways.

Longshoreman philosopher, Erik Hoffer, was quoted as saying that observance of maintenance in a country is very telling about the success of the country.  Anyone who has been on Earth for a few decades since the fifties can attest to the fact that our maintenance has devolved along with the growth in unfair economic distribution.  Losing a sense of security and middle-ness can lead to loss of respect.  Never having had it due to untoward economics leads to violence and deep resentment.  When one loses his/her self-respect; concern about externals diminish exponentially.

An administration that espouses hatred for environmental concerns because they encroach on personal freedoms and amassment of wealth, while falsely pandering to the disenfranchised, is summoning a deadly debt that their inheritors will pay for.  That is, if the Earth survives the damages. 

Mother Earth has been giving very loud and frightening signals that ignorance of earth’s principals and eco-system will bring the furry down of feminine scorning.  We’ve seen more natural disasters in this year 2017 collectively than I can remember: horrendous hurricanes; precipitous floods; devastating earthquakes; hell’s furry of fire.  And her message, STOP, cannot be long ignored if we are to survive.

So where does this self-respect begin that allows us to be more respecting of all that surround us? In the womb, in the bassinet, in the pre-schools, in the home, in the elementary schools, in the pulpits, in the higher institutions of education; those are the places of acculturation.  From the first splash in the waters of birth and onward, we are given an indication by those surrounding us as to our favorability or lack thereof. “Oh, what a darling baby,” coos one Mother. “Whoa what a set of lungs,” cries another, in disbelief of the wailing one who emerged after nine months and hours of labor.  Looks and sounds create early impressions as to our perceived worth.

Caregivers surrounding us after birth from parents, to grandparents, to siblings, to nannies, to teachers and preachers are every moment giving us their opinion of us.  Though we many not understand the language, we are hip to the intonation.  It has a long-lasting impact.*  Self-respect and esteem are happily fostered for growth or ignored, much like a garden. Blame gets foisted on the backs of the parents, especially the mother, who was ill prepared to assume the day-to-day responsibilities of raising and effective human being.

Did you take parenting classes?  Did your parents?  Unless you chose Early Childhood Education in college, did you take any courses?  Most answers are no; we parent the way we were parented. Sometimes a few get some help and break the cycle; mostly not. Thus, parents who lack self-respect and esteem, pass it on from one generation to another. My point being is that lack of self-respect and respect for others has become a national disease.  So, let’s give it an acronym and maybe it’ll get some funding. LOSR Syndrome (Lack of Self-Respect).

Ah, now we can form a foundation and solicit grants to address this growing disease.  We can secure funds to study the problem and get it classified as a mental disorder.  Maybe we can design a 12-Step Recovery Program.  Perhaps books will be written about it.  A minor in college will be developed.  The possibilities are endless.

Or just maybe, we can look at all the big and little ways that we personally desecrate or contribute to the destruction of the planet. While we are looking at the results, perhaps we’ll also go within and look at the causes of our own malady (LOSR Syndrome).  With that look, we could start to change our perception of the being in the mirror and give ourselves a break.  As we rescript our opinion of ourselves we can hope that we’ll extend that better opining to our precious planet, our circle of influence and those that come after us.

We're nearing the point of the stripped branch with one small glimmer of budding growth. Let's preserve it with R.E.S.P.E.C.T; of ourselves, of others, of the planet.

"If we lose love and self-respect for each other, this is how we finally die." Maya Angelou

"Our death is not an end if we can live on in our children and the younger generation.  For they are us: our bodies are only wilted leaves on the tree of life." Albert Einstein

*The early impact of our caregivers is addressed in the chapter on the 7 Veils of Illusion in my book, Unbecoming Me: The Ultimate Shapeshifters Journey.

Monday, August 28, 2017


By Rev. Amari Magdalena

We are in the midst of catastrophic events, politically and environmentally. Watching scenes of hazardous rescues from flooding waters and uprooted people, animals, houses, trees, and normal signs of life in devastation can be disheartening.  Observing a rise in hatred and acts against compassion and humanity are, at times, daunting.  Misery, disgust, and fear are strange bedfellows for sensitive, caring people. While change is a constant, it’s true, moments of it catapulted into our daily news and social media feeds, in graphic detail, can dim hope.

One of the definitions of hope is “a feeling of trust.”  You may wonder how does one keep trust, faith, and hope alive when so very much destruction is going on.  For me, it takes a certain mindset and the ability to see the light at the end of dark places.  While there is much evidenced around me that suggests that we as a country and civilization are doomed to failure, I have a clear vision of what may be on the other side of so much devastation.  I believe that we will emerge from the chrysalis as butterflies in the last stage of transformation.

Like Chauncy Gardener proclaimed in the movie “Being There” one has to prune the garden at the end of each growing season to allow regeneration to occur in the next productive cycle.  We are rapidly approaching the natural season of death as our leaves turn and begin to fall.  Already some trees are almost barren.  If we could take the position that there is great beauty in the barrenness and know, in our heart of hearts, that spring will come again, we may find solace.

Winter the truly fallow period will surely follow.  In that dormant time, if we are attuned deeply to the Creative Source that many choose to believe in, we can become more introspective and retrospective. Going within and quieting our fears, negative imaginings, sense of doom, we are more able to tap into that vast body of knowledge that connects us with the wisdom of all times.  I believe that like encyclopedias, Wikipedia, and online research resources, there is a vast pool of knowledge that we can access through meditation. Personally, I’ve often asked people of other times to speak to me through automatic writing. I find it valuable beyond imagination.  Some people will be channels, connecting in that way. Others will find solace and inspiration in the writings of hallowed visionaries of our time.

While we are best served by honoring our emotions of grief and sadness, it is equally important that we not stay in those states of mind too long.  Surely depression will follow if we choose not to lift up our thoughts after sufficient catharsis. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I highly recommend immersion in beauty.  See the wonder of what IS working and how much Mother Nature does provide in visions of amazing exquisiteness. This I find reignites my spirit of hope and wonder.

Finally, be of service to someone.  Often when we step away from our sorrows and seek to be of help to another, we feel a great gratitude.  Being of service and being useful fosters rising hope and renewed affirmation of goodness.  Reach out.

"Infuse your life with action.  Don't wait for it to happen.  Make it happen.  Make your own future. Make your own hope.  Make your own love.  And whatever your beliefs, honor your creator, not by passively waiting for grace to come down from upon high, but by doing what you can to make grace happen...yourself, right now, right down here on Earth."  Bradley Whitford

Friday, August 18, 2017


by Rev. Amari Magdalena

As strong oppositional lines were drawn recently in Charlottesville Virginia, social media was flooded with exposure to blatant prejudice and hatred.  In our world of illusion, we’d prefer not to see the underbelly of our society in such public display.  We’re more comfortable if it is hidden in small pockets of lesser towns and hills throughout the country.

One dictionary defines separation as "an act or instance of separating or the state of being separated." Certainly, we might agree that is what was witnessed in Virginia. President Lincoln's admonition of a country divided, brings to mind the question, can we stand united in this time?

Metaphysically, for me, separation represents the veils of illusion of ourselves in form from our essence.  Challenging as it may be to comprehend, I actually believe that we came here for the separation experience.  I know, damn and double damn, as we are getting exactly that in spades lately.

Even our head of state is a polarizing figure that attracts hatred and admiration in any given day, or six months, as you will.  He has thrown the political "Pick up Sticks" mightily in the air and laughed at the disarray as they fall.  And many of us shake our collective heads in dismay as we witness strong lines of allegiance being drawn.

Those of us who would label our beliefs for life order as "spiritual" are finding these savage lines at odds with our beliefs that a true world of light, peace, love and equity can exist.  It can be rattling to the core, to see hateful epitaphs spewed and marches with torches.  In my view when I can see through the veil, I believe we are witnessing the phenomena of split worlds or contiguous Universes.  We are manifesting the reality we desire.

How on earth can you say that?  Depends on your point of view.  Mine comes from two things: (a) the realization that awakened I can better see the veils of illusion and choose how I want to act and react; and (b) I have a faith that our beliefs create our reality.  The latter follows along the lines of what was aspired for in events like the Harmonic Conversion; 11:11 Gateway; Harmonic Concordance; the Lionsgate Portal; and all of the prophetic sharing's of many a year.

If the world is indeed an illusion, then where I place my magical attention is what I see.  Some believe, and I support that belief, that the ultimate gift of this time will be split worlds: El Mundo Bueno and El Mundo Mal-the good and the not so good.  Thus, as these many disturbing things unfold, we are even more motivated to err on the good side of things and return to beliefs that support that world.  No more gray fence-sitting.

Does that mean we remain silent and just relate to the Virginia malevolent march as a 'just is' and do nothing?  No!  As long as these two worlds are connected, I feel we must speak out and yet magically maintain our core belief in the goodness of humanity.  Yet we may also wish to remember to protest peacefully to keep ourselves registered for El Mundo Bueno.

The other side of our challenge is to connect, as we are able. with those on the side of history juxtaposed to ours and begin gentle dialogue.  That may be more possible on a small one-on-one scale vs. a platform and megaphone.  Meeting people in the middle, listening, and hearing what has brought them to their beliefs of this moment, may help us become more compassionate people.  We would not expect to change their minds in this endeavor or we are acting just as separate as we judge them to be.  The purpose would be to just see them through eyes of love.  Perhaps being seen in the light may soften their positions of hate and prejudice; perhaps not.  We will have tried.

Ultimately, we will be called to look through a magnifying glass at places where we are choosing separation.  In that reflection, is the work we individually and collectively still have to do to prepare for El Mundo Bueno.  See the other side of this time, through the portal of love and light.  That sight will help all of us get through.

May Light and Love of that Creative Presence always surround you.

"In the stillness of your presence, you can feel your own formless and timeless reality as the unmanifested life that animates your physical form.  You can then feel the same life deep within every other human and every other creature.  You look beyond the veil of form and separation.  This is the realization of oneness." 
Eckhart Tolle

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Having the Last Word

By Rev. Amari Magdalena

Something I’ve observed lately on social media, got me thinking.  I’m sure we’ve all done this in days when having the last word seemed to be about our opinion being most correct in conversations.  I find myself pondering and looking through the lens of my own past.  Sure enough, there was a time when I wanted to have the last word.  Perhaps because I wanted to win; perhaps I thought my view was more correct.  In hind sight, it is challenging to remember the reason. I simply acknowledge and wish to be aware of not perpetrating that tendency.

We are living in very divisive times. I doubt anyone will argue with that.  True communication and building bridges of understanding are often elusive.  I’ve seen that in my own FB posts.  Even when I’ve said that I honor someone’s truth and wish for them to honor mine, someone will have to have the last word in disagreement.  Perhaps it is softly stated; perhaps not. With it brings an argument of sorts and validation goes begging.

Yet it got me thinking about this thing of winning.  I vaguely remember a concept of New Games which passed through in the late seventies as a non-competitive way for everyone to win.  There was discussion about the importance of win/win vs. win/lose experiences. The athletic application found its way into popular psychology and communication I’m OK/Your OK strategies. As all trends do in time pass, New Games faded into the nothingness from which the concept arose.

In the recesses of my mind, I seem to recall some later discussions about the concept that not everyone can win and we need to embrace disappointment and loss. The pendulum was swinging wildly while many people pondered what was the best way to handle difference of opinion and beliefs. Even more theories were extolled. Enter it’s all about me and entitlement and poof, integration of concepts and ideas on communication flew.  In some corners babbling was evidenced.

This brings me to the present moment in time and the question of what to do about this need to have the last word.  Perhaps we might offer more epilogues in our exchanges; leaving an openness to new possibilities, a potential for a series etc.  Maybe we just need to learn more about validation.  Ultimately, we need to learn to be better listeners without agendas, I feel.

One indigenous tradition that might be of great value would be the Talking Stick.  Whether it is to be a physical stick passed in a group or perhaps an emoji to use in our discussions it might help us surrender the need to win at a communication.  The answering feather emoji could be passed on when the talking stick recipient was ready for an exchange.  A further emoji might be developed to see a circle that has ended on a discussion and that those that wanted to contribute did from the “I” own my feelings and acknowledge that you, and me and we, do not always have to agree to have a genuine exchange of ideas.

Finally, we might have a Teepee emoji to invite all participants in the discussion to come up with ideas and solutions to the original sharing of what was a seemingly unattainable consensus.  We could beta test the concept and then present it to our town halls, Sunday salons, social and political groups or in any situation where division is causing undue anger and angst. 

The essential point is that if we are to survive as a people on the planet, we do need new ways of talking and listening to one another, without an agenda that leaves one side potentially feeling less or put off.  We need to learn to listen without the need to immediately respond. Surrendering the interruption habit would be another consideration (we ADD folks are so gifted at that 😊).  And we need more quiet contemplation with our higher intelligence seeking to provide us with insight into how to mend the divisions and start constructing those bridges.

In the beginning our bridges may be made of fragile straw.  Hopefully in the future, we’ll find more permanent materials for them. Build we must.

There are some people who could hear you speak a thousand words, and still not understand you. And there are others who will understand — without you even speaking a word.” ― Yasmin Mogahed

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Gossip as Emotional Poison

By Rev. Amari Magdalena

The power of our words is immeasurable.  We are spell casting much of the time in our negative words and thoughts towards others.  Perhaps it is not our intention to harm someone; yet we surely do when we say something judgmental or false about someone to another person.

"Gossip is when you have a malice of intent or mindless, third-party conversation to someone about someone, something you haven't said to that someone."  Iyanla Vanzant

In the 1950's when many women stayed home and experienced daily coffee klatches, gossip was rampant.  The psst, psst, psst about someone not in favor with the group spread through the group. Often the gossip was then shared with contingent groups.  High school, with it's various groups, was often rift with gossip.  Many untruths and partial truths impacted a life to the detriment of the victim's overall sense of self-worth and esteem.  Gossip was a form of bullying.  The work place, became yet another place for spreading emotional poison around the water cooler.  Add gossip columns of yesterday and today's entertainment obsessional whispers and we have a whole network of damage being done daily.

"People gossip.  People are insecure, so they talk about other people so that they won't be talked about.  They point out flaws in other people to make them feel good about themselves." Blake Lively.

Probably none of us, in truth, are completely free of guilt with gossip, past or present. Yet as we understand the very real power of our word, it becomes more important to arrest that tendency.  Those who aspire to spiritual evolution and consciousness and gossip, are self-sabotaging themselves by failure to surrender an old dysfunctional behavior.  Awareness of the habit becomes imperative in expurgating it.

"How would your life be different if you walked away from gossip and verbal defamation?  Let today be the day you speak only the good you know of other people and encourage others to do the same." Steve Maraboli

At times, we may want to practice with a trusted friend something that we need or want to say to another person.  If we are clear with that person our intent and equally committed to following up that conversation with the person we need to speak with, it may be harmless.

"It's not technically gossip if you start your sentence with "I'm really concerned about __________," (fill in the name of the person you're not gossiping about)."  Brian P. Cleary

In shamanism, we have another tool.  I believe it to be even more powerful in addressing an issue with another in a harmless way: shamanic journeying.  We can choose to journey with our totem, with a stated intention to meet with the other person's totem, to resolve a presented issue.  A spiritual meeting of this nature is many times more impactful than an ego-driven material world meeting. Insights acquired on the journey can help us see the core issue and find resolution.  We often discover that the conflict finds solution in ordinary reality without further discussion or perhaps we find better words to use when a physical world meeting takes place.

"Words have no wings but they can fly a thousand miles."  Korean Proverb

Ultimately, when we surrender gossip as a communication means, we can have much more engaging conversations which present think-tank-like excitement about making positive changes in our communities.  In the world we are faced with today, finding great ideas and solutions in groups can serve as catalysts for important changes and the preservation of humanity and the planet.

"Great minds discuss ideas.  Average minds discuss events. Small minds, discuss people." Eleanor Roosevelt

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Being Grateful for What Is

by Rev. Amari Magdalena

Even though I do not have cable or satellite service to access network news, the internet takes up the gap.  If I choose, I can indulge in all the negativity and horror that is so frequently shared there. As the unfolding world, according to Yahoo, Google, Bing or another search engine’s titles glimmer at me inviting a click, I am aware of choice.  On the other hand, I do not choose to ignore that much of our small planet has its sufferings and challenges caused by war, famine, disease etc.

Exposed by my selective clicks to the sufferings of humanity, I’ve become so very aware of just how much we, in this country, take for granted.  My attention is grabbed by any random click of worldwide suffering at a level that most of us will never be exposed to.  Even if we have financial struggles and rank among the growing statistical poor in our country, we are far beyond rich compared to most of the planet.

All of this gives me a heightened appreciation for the ‘what is of my life.’  This affords a golden opportunity to remember to count my blessings and say thank you each day.  As I turn on the faucet of my apartment, I can count on sufficient, and good water, hot and cold as I choose.  My tub, showers and sinks provide venues for bathing and cleaning.  A short trip down the hallway, gives me access to electric washers and dryers for cleaning my clothing.

My apartment, though sparse by some standards without a garbage disposal, dishwasher or built in microware, is pleasant with large windows inviting light in a semi-dark Pacific Northwest environment.  My furniture, though not matched and certainly showing signs of aging, is attractive and functional.  I’ve been gifted a talent for creating beautiful art which greatly enhances the walls and making this space homey. A lovely courtyard is below me now resplendent with plants, flowers, and blooming trees.

I do not live in fear of my safety nor stress about what untoward things may be presented in my life. My shamanic training gives me a sense of protection and inner knowing as to where and when to proceed in many areas of my life.  The city I live in, compared with crowded others, is not dangerous.

Though not too close physically to my friends and family, venues like Facebook and other social media, give me a feeling of connection with those near and far.  Skype, Facetime, Google Duo, or Hangouts, afford me valuable time with my children and grandchildren. If I choose, I can engage in friendly hellos and light conversation as I collect my mail or go to the store.  My car though almost 20 years old is steady and running.  I’ve lots of low, to no cost, entertainment with my movie collection, Netflix, and Amazon Prime. My refrigerator is filled, as I choose, with nutritious or not, food beyond sufficient for nutrition, energy, and health. 

Shelves are filled with books worthy of re-reads and eBooks are gathering space on my devices. Health, though at times facing the challenges of an aging body, is generally good and I’ve sufficient energy to accomplish the things most important in my life.  I recover from the challenges and feel renewed to forge on.

Some debt tends to pile up and I may be cash short on occasion, yet compared to MOST of the world, I am wealthy beyond measure.  More importantly, I feel SO abundant in all the truly important ways in this life.  For this, I am profoundly grateful.  Life IS good!

I hope that you too, can pause in all of your busyness, and take stock of being grateful for the ‘what is’ in your own life. Being appreciative becomes a habit that brings deepening peace.  While you are expressing your gratitude, why not affirm that more of the world will know and share your experiences.  As Foster Gamble said, and demonstrated, in his movie Thrive, we were all intended to flourish.  It was/is the Divine Plan.  So, prosper and share what you can, in the ways you are able, to help others do so. And, remember what you learned in kindergarten when you are given a gift, say Thank You!

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Lost and Found

by Rev. Amari Magdalena

How tight is your box of routines and habits?  How habituated are you?  Do you take the same route to your familiar places all the time or perhaps mix it up with one or two other, yet familiar, routes?  How much diversity do you have in your average day?

Why am I asking you this?  I’m exploring how willing you are to get lost; to lose your familiar bearings. How much do your trust yourself to find your way back to the familiar when you get a bit twisted around in your life?

In my own life, I’ve found that when I feel a certain stagnation or lack of newness, I usually recognize the need to move outside of my assumptions, routines, idea of stability.  In the past, I might physically move.  Now I recognize that it is not necessarily what is needed to break up stale energy.

Our Western culture tends to promote a belief in attaining some thing or goal, followed by great satiation. We are then to languish in our achievement and be completely happy.  Isn’t that what many of our advertisements suggest to us?  And, many people, reach their pinnacles and after basking, a deep dissatisfaction and perhaps a tad of depression sets in.

Why?  It is my deep belief that life is intended to be dynamic from our first splash in the birth waters to our last assignment to fire or earth.  It [sic.] life is to be lived with adventure and discovery.  Never was the design to be static.  I observe nothing in nature that is simple static.  If it were, early death would ensue.

Purposefully changing up our routines and willingness to try the untried, immeasurably contributes to a life well lived.  I’m not saying we must throw out the proverbial baby with the bath water, simply that we make some changes in how we immerse ourselves in this rather short span of life.

How many times have you passed a street that you’ve never been down? Have you seen an exit on the highway to a town you’ve never been to?  Watched a genre of movies that you normally would not choose? Read controversial opinions on subjects near and dear to you.  Do you vary what you eat? Could you put your pants on the other leg first?  Have you tried writing with your non-dominant hand until it was reasonably legible?

Have you made a bucket list, no matter your age?  Would you be willing to make such a list for each decade of your life and do what’s on the list?  Are you signing up for new courses, workshops, or seminars on topics unrelated to your primary interests?

Perhaps we do go around more than once.  Maybe reincarnation is real.  But wouldn’t you want to make the best of this life, just in case it is the only one or the completion one?  Are you willing to risk getting a bit lost to challenge yourself and discover more and more about you and this precious life?

Trust yourself.  Get lost. Go down that new street.  Explore that unknown city.  Try jumping out of a plane or go up in a hot air balloon. Do something that is completely out of the ordinary for you.  Get lost and discover the wonderful person that lives within you.  Fall in love with yourself over and over again as you find out just how magnificent you truly are.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Heaven or Hell: A Daily Choice

By Rev. Amari Magdalena

At some point in my life I began to surrender the story of the untoward happenings of my childhood.  I woke up to the fact that my parents probably did not roll out the bed each day, throw their legs over the side and stand up proclaiming, “How can we screw this kid up today!”  Quite the revelation and one that leads me to today’s topic.

Perhaps some of this did come out of my inculcation in childhood.  My mother always said we create heaven and hell on this earth; it isn’t some other place.  Though a lot of the early years felt more like hell, at times, than heaven, in the recesses of my mind I subconsciously absorbed that belief.

As the shamanic path became much more relevant than the formal religions I was exposed to, and I recognized the rising and falling natural rhythms, I was in a better position to accept this wisdom. I now recognize that each day, each hour, each moment, I have a choice.  I can either choose to live in the lighter mind of heaven or fall to the depths of heavy thoughts in hell.  It is MY choice.

I just got off the phone now from “push button hell.”  (Some years ago, I did an amusing skit for a University of Phoenix on this scenario.)  My anger was evidenced as it was taking me more time than I’d planned to take care of something.  Wanting a person, I finally hung up, redialed and this time waited for the prompt, “Or push 9 for another reason.”  9, got me to a human.  I had to laugh at not the failure of the push button system, rather my impatience that caused my ire.  I’m sure I’m not alone in allowing that little venture into Hell with today’s automated everything.

So very many people, in a complicated and complex world, that I know are living in Hell.  There are lots of reasons and I surely don’t offer my choice of heaven or hell when they are in the depths.  However, I do know from my personal experience of score and fifty years on the planet, that I choose my state of mind.  Further, I direct my consciousness to being more aware.

Much of the time, no matter what challenge is being presented, I recognize the choice of mind focus. As a result, I’m in an even and hopeful mood most of the time.  My anger when aroused, and other hellacious emotions, is short-lived and often laughable on the other side of its expression.

What I teach, and practice, is holding up the palms of your hands each day.  In one resides Hell; in the other Heaven.  Looking at the palms of your hands and weighing your choices, ask yourself, “Do I choose Heaven or Hell?”  When it gets down to this simplicity, I believe it is easier to see the choice and choose for a more peaceful, hopeful state of mind. 

The world will continue to unfold as it will.  There will be times of peace and times of great division. In duality, that is a reality.  The mystics, avatars and masters who walked the earth and recognized that they were on the earth, not of the earth, figured that out.  This is a temporary experiment in separation.  Once we wake up, choosing our state of mind, and enjoying the ride, becomes much easier.

So today, ask yourself: “Heaven or Hell?”  The former will bring peace and perhaps laughter; the latter confusion and depression.  The Dalai Lama with his great sense of humor personifies heaven. That’s the example to follow. I sincerely hope that today you have abundant slices of heaven!

May light in the east awaken your creativity; release in the west clear the darkness, wisdom in the north guide and renew you; childlike hope in the south restore your spirit; connection with higher mind above shine on you; deep reverence for earth below give you sustenance; and may the spirit within ignite the flame of love in all parts of your life.

[17th Blog in this series.  53 past blogs are found in “Shaman Talk,” ebook and softcover on Amazon.]

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Protection from Untoward Energies

By Rev. Amari Magdalena

Today in a meditation class, I was asked about how to protect oneself from untoward energies and how to recognize them.  This is an interesting subject as many people who are more open to the mystical and psychic phenomenon seem to perhaps be disproportionally more likely to experience darker energies.

First, I’d like to share that I basically adhere to the biblical: “See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.” I believe something in our subconscious subscribes to the concept of evil rather than it actually exists.  Old superstitions often leave people in fear with a deep-rooted belief in evil.

The Course in Miracles states that the only truth is Love and all else is false.  This, for me, confirms my personal belief. Yet, I am not naïve to the fact that much of man’s inhumanity to man looks a whole lot like evil. I am also aware, and have experienced, what might be dubbed psychic attack on a few occasions.  One involved a psychic attack on one of my family members when the person felt he could not reach me. The attack was experienced as very real and scary to the person.  I too initially succumbed to fear when I felt I was receiving energies from my personal Darth Vader.

We could say then that psychic attacks are real in our perceptions of them.  When experiencing them, it helps to feel empowered.  Having tools for protection can be comforting and help each of us set up appropriate boundaries to deflect the negativity. At times the attack may be veiled in so called guides who flatter our egos to control our psyches. Yet another form of negative energy direction though perhaps subtler.

In either presentation, establishing very clear and purposeful boundaries is ultimately the best protection. Many rituals exist to rid oneself of negative energy.  We might benefit from a Limpia Smoke Cleaning with appropriate protection prayers.  Some people may have a specific chant they repeat in such a circumstance.  Others may surround themselves in bright white or violet light. The construction in one’s mind of a pyramid of impenetrable light is yet another protective devise.  The Golden Shield of St. Germaine with the Violet flame is a further example of a protection creation.

I believe the most effective devise is a demand that the entity or energies step into the Light or leave.  This is stated quite forcefully with an iron clad belief that no darkness can exist in the brilliant light of pure Spirit. Added to that is embracing one’s own power and holding one’s space. Regular smudging and airing out of a home or frequently occupied space can also provide immeasurable benefit.

If all else seems to fail, I highly recommend a prayer I was first introduced to at Unity:

The Prayer of Protection
Written by James Dillet Freeman
“The Light of God surrounds you.
The Love of God enfolds you.
The power of God protects you.
The Presence of God watches over you.

The Mind of God guides you.
The Life of God flows through you.
The Laws of God direct you.
The Peace of God abides within you.

The Joy of God uplifts you.
The Strength of God renews you.
The Beauty of God inspires you.
Wherever you are, God is!
And all is well. Amen.”

You can substitute your name for Creative Source instead of God as you choose.  Further realize that YOU are an aspect of Creative Source/God, and as such are fully empowered to deflect anything coming into your consciousness or presence that is in any way interfering with your peace and serenity.  Hold your power, send the energy back to where it came from releasing it into Light. Clear up the parts of your psyche that are open to the concept of evil and correct your Karma. Stand in the full power of your Divine Nature.  And, remember, the I AM is impenetrable.  May you be blessed and freed of anything, or anyone, that keeps you away from your authentic inheritance of divinity.

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Monday, February 13, 2017

When Milestones into Headstones Change

By Rev. Amari Magdalena

One aspect of spending several decades on this planet, is that friends start departing.  The loss of our parents is somewhat expected: it is unusual for children to predecease their parents, though it happens. Perhaps the loss of friends is also a given as time accumulates.  When the friends are younger and generally healthier however, the departures seem harsher.  They too do not seem to follow natural order.

Such was the case for me this past week when I lost a younger friend.  Having moved so very much over the years, I have only a few deep friendships with many years of relating.  In twenty or thirty years, friends have experienced so very many highs and lows together; so much history.  I feel it is that depth of connection that causes the most pain.  No one knows our stories like these people.  They’ve seen us at our best and worst and still love us; treasures that cannot easily be replaced.

My experience with death, has taught me that there is a window of cascading memories that flood my consciousness shortly before, during and after the death.  I relive so very many great times shared, the genuine hugs, and comfort on the darker days.  Interestingly, I don’t whitewash our relating seeing only the positive; I choose to see it all and still feel the immense value of the relationship and its abiding love. 

Always, I allow myself the sadness of loss, the tears, the denial, and the whole range of emotions that losses evoke.  Yet through it all, I am holding light and a space for the departed’ s transition through the veils.  I’ve also been gifted, a few times, pictures of the person on the other side as whole and well and happy.  This happened for me with my friend who just passed.  It is a comfort and I am most grateful to be shown these pictures.

Once I’ve moved beyond the initial grief, and perhaps shock, I come to a place of deep peace knowing the gift of what the person brought to my life and I to theirs.  A great calm begins to take over for me and the sadness slowly abates.  As time goes by, I think of them in moments of simply appreciating who they were and a growing knowing that they wish for me to just keep moving forward.

Having had a near death experience, I also am assured that I will see them again.  The end, isn’t actually final.  I know that to ease us all out of this time/space/matter continuum it helps for us to be embraced by the etheric form of our loved ones.  And, after that, I suspect we move back into the formless undulation of light and essence; always connected yet completely free. 

For all of my dear friends that have stepped through the veils, I remember you.  As the song says, “I’ll remember you when I’ve forgotten all the rest.  You to me were true; you to me were the best.  When there is no more, you cut through the core quicker than anyone I ever knew. When I’m all alone in the great unknown, I’ll remember you.”

[53 Past Blogs are in my book "Shaman Talk" available in softcover and ebook on Amazon.com]

Thursday, January 19, 2017


by Rev. Amari Magdalena

There are five agreed upon stages of grief it is said: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance.  For many of us in America, the election of 2016 has caused us to move through these stages.  Tomorrow marks the inauguration of a man to the highest position in our country whom many of us have been astounded by.  Few of us have successfully separated the man, however, from the office. The man’s poor behavior has made that a most challenging task.

Tomorrow, like it or not, comes the time for acceptance of the what is and not what we dreamed of. It is our time to grow up, as many have suggested Mr. Trump do, and face a new era in our governance.  Undeniably it is not the outcome or direction we’d have seen our country move in.  That said, it is what it is and in order to move on and complete our grief process we must accept Donald J. Trump as our president.

Does that mean we accept his bad behavior?  Absolutely not!  Does it mean we must stop protesting policies created and dismissed that we feel serve, or not, our collective highest and best good.  Definitely no! It means that he is the president and his office is to be respected even if the occupant is not.  If we claim that we have a democracy, we must fight for it.  It is not always an easy concept or fight. If we want to espouse the concept that “all men are created equal” we must continue to work for causes that insure that very life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

I do know from watching unlikely people ordained in my ministry that sometimes people step up to the office or position they’ve been inaugurated into.  I’ve seen that happen and will certainly affirm that as a possibility for Mr. Trump tomorrow.  The enormity of the task before him may help him set aside childish things and move into the responsibility.  One would hope.

In the meantime, I call out to all of us who’ve been in this deep grief since the election to come to acceptance.  Recognize that flawed as our system may be, it holds promise of possibility.  Our diverse population is testament to that.  Our influence in the world speaks to a system whose concept has held a light of hope for many in more oppressive systems.  We’ve been a beacon of light and influence for many years.  Individually and collectively we can work to keep that light growing.

Through acceptance we can move on and up.  We can put our energies not into continued vitriol and judgment and redirect our angst into passionate attachment to causes for good everywhere they are presented.  Our dollars can speak to our passions along with our rhetoric.  Participation in our politics, no matter our affiliation, can move us in a direction of action. Standing up for injustice everywhere, can be the banner we wave. Voicing our concerns without lambasting detractors can be our cry.  As King George VI, was told in The King’s Speech by Lionel Logue, “You have a voice!”  We have voices.  Let us continue to speak for truth, justice, and equality against any clear and present danger.

So tomorrow, at 12 noon Eastern Standard Time, let’s consecrate in each of us a new era of intentional participation in communities for greater good befitting true leadership.  And so it is!

[53 Past Blogs are in my book "Shaman Talk" available in softcover and ebook on Amazon.com]

Sunday, January 8, 2017


By Rev. Amari Magdalena

Moment is defined as “very brief portion of time, an instant.” Working with energy and ceremonial magic, I’ve often experienced the mystical in my spiritual life.  Compartmentalizing, as we humans often, do, I’ve perhaps glossed over that in my material life.  Yet a movie script or a book can remind me that an integration of both is imperative now with a certain ebbing of life.

Life is a collection of moments it is said. What if I could take all the moments of love I’ve experienced over three quarters of a century and string them together, would it reach the sky?  Would it bring down heaven that I’ve sought thinking permanence was the road to bliss?  Would it wrapped around me, give me the warmth to complete this century, even alone?

We are so very often seeking completions, stability, assuredness, solidity that I feel we often miss the beautiful moments that make up a life.  So much of our energy is focused on what was or what is to be, that we often miss the rapture of moments.  We are so adept at not being present, that we miss the true gift being offered.

How could I not treasure falling in love over a Kwakiutl Mask at a museum?  What bliss that dance and butterflies on that glorious Florida weekend? Did I not feel completely appreciated at the Atlanta airport when a traveling stranger placed his hands around my face and said, “You are beautiful?” The 2 hours spent with the artist poet in which a flirtation bolstered each of our needs to feel desirable.  The room full of sterling roses on my birthday at the beach and the osprey flying free.  The awe inspired moment of births of my children.  First crush; first love. All the passionate craziness of estrus adventures in exploring the body electric.

Gluttony seems to have overshadowed small treasures for me, always wanting more.  If it was good, then often I failed to truly appreciate it with that desire to concretize it.  I’m sure many can relate to that; our need to label or define things, to make them more enduring.  And, yet as I look back over my life, it was in moments that the magic was presented.  So very many moments that only now do I appreciate more fully as I surrender the need to know what is around the next bend.

I’ve come to realize the gift of having lived long enough to recognize the folly of the more youthful longings.  As time begins to involute, I’ve come to embrace little moments of love.  Hugs from grandchildren; beautiful skies; sun breaking through the clouds; smiles of friendship; spring unfolding in flowered glory; frost speckled on windows; light streaming through the clouds; rainbows splayed across the room; seagulls at the sea; poignant love stories; beautiful cinematography; simple heart-felt hellos; listening to other’s story’s and waking up each day.

I’m realizing that the gift of having lived so long, is coming to the recognition of the glory in moments. As time becomes more fleeting, there is no time for wasting precious seconds and minutes wishing for something else. Perhaps therein lies the grace of aging.  The body begins to leave as the soul awakens more magnificently. We learn how to express gratitude without a hidden agenda of want.  If we are wise, we move into the essence and authenticity of who we truly are and learn deep appreciation for the Now. Vivere in momento!  

"Thousands of years ago, somebody came up with a notion of impermanence.  Of the beauty and inevitability of change. I had a long time to consider the value of memory. And, the idea the just because something didn't last forever, doesn't mean its worth is diminished." 5 to 7 (the movie).

[53 Past Blogs are in my book "Shaman Talk" available in softcover and ebook on Amazon.com]