Thursday, January 19, 2017


by Rev. Amari Magdalena

There are five agreed upon stages of grief it is said: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance.  For many of us in America, the election of 2016 has caused us to move through these stages.  Tomorrow marks the inauguration of a man to the highest position in our country whom many of us have been astounded by.  Few of us have successfully separated the man, however, from the office. The man’s poor behavior has made that a most challenging task.

Tomorrow, like it or not, comes the time for acceptance of the what is and not what we dreamed of. It is our time to grow up, as many have suggested Mr. Trump do, and face a new era in our governance.  Undeniably it is not the outcome or direction we’d have seen our country move in.  That said, it is what it is and in order to move on and complete our grief process we must accept Donald J. Trump as our president.

Does that mean we accept his bad behavior?  Absolutely not!  Does it mean we must stop protesting policies created and dismissed that we feel serve, or not, our collective highest and best good.  Definitely no! It means that he is the president and his office is to be respected even if the occupant is not.  If we claim that we have a democracy, we must fight for it.  It is not always an easy concept or fight. If we want to espouse the concept that “all men are created equal” we must continue to work for causes that insure that very life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

I do know from watching unlikely people ordained in my ministry that sometimes people step up to the office or position they’ve been inaugurated into.  I’ve seen that happen and will certainly affirm that as a possibility for Mr. Trump tomorrow.  The enormity of the task before him may help him set aside childish things and move into the responsibility.  One would hope.

In the meantime, I call out to all of us who’ve been in this deep grief since the election to come to acceptance.  Recognize that flawed as our system may be, it holds promise of possibility.  Our diverse population is testament to that.  Our influence in the world speaks to a system whose concept has held a light of hope for many in more oppressive systems.  We’ve been a beacon of light and influence for many years.  Individually and collectively we can work to keep that light growing.

Through acceptance we can move on and up.  We can put our energies not into continued vitriol and judgment and redirect our angst into passionate attachment to causes for good everywhere they are presented.  Our dollars can speak to our passions along with our rhetoric.  Participation in our politics, no matter our affiliation, can move us in a direction of action. Standing up for injustice everywhere, can be the banner we wave. Voicing our concerns without lambasting detractors can be our cry.  As King George VI, was told in The King’s Speech by Lionel Logue, “You have a voice!”  We have voices.  Let us continue to speak for truth, justice, and equality against any clear and present danger.

So tomorrow, at 12 noon Eastern Standard Time, let’s consecrate in each of us a new era of intentional participation in communities for greater good befitting true leadership.  And so it is!

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Sunday, January 8, 2017


By Rev. Amari Magdalena

Moment is defined as “very brief portion of time, an instant.” Working with energy and ceremonial magic, I’ve often experienced the mystical in my spiritual life.  Compartmentalizing, as we humans often, do, I’ve perhaps glossed over that in my material life.  Yet a movie script or a book can remind me that an integration of both is imperative now with a certain ebbing of life.

Life is a collection of moments it is said. What if I could take all the moments of love I’ve experienced over three quarters of a century and string them together, would it reach the sky?  Would it bring down heaven that I’ve sought thinking permanence was the road to bliss?  Would it wrapped around me, give me the warmth to complete this century, even alone?

We are so very often seeking completions, stability, assuredness, solidity that I feel we often miss the beautiful moments that make up a life.  So much of our energy is focused on what was or what is to be, that we often miss the rapture of moments.  We are so adept at not being present, that we miss the true gift being offered.

How could I not treasure falling in love over a Kwakiutl Mask at a museum?  What bliss that dance and butterflies on that glorious Florida weekend? Did I not feel completely appreciated at the Atlanta airport when a traveling stranger placed his hands around my face and said, “You are beautiful?” The 2 hours spent with the artist poet in which a flirtation bolstered each of our needs to feel desirable.  The room full of sterling roses on my birthday at the beach and the osprey flying free.  The awe inspired moment of births of my children.  First crush; first love. All the passionate craziness of estrus adventures in exploring the body electric.

Gluttony seems to have overshadowed small treasures for me, always wanting more.  If it was good, then often I failed to truly appreciate it with that desire to concretize it.  I’m sure many can relate to that; our need to label or define things, to make them more enduring.  And, yet as I look back over my life, it was in moments that the magic was presented.  So very many moments that only now do I appreciate more fully as I surrender the need to know what is around the next bend.

I’ve come to realize the gift of having lived long enough to recognize the folly of the more youthful longings.  As time begins to involute, I’ve come to embrace little moments of love.  Hugs from grandchildren; beautiful skies; sun breaking through the clouds; smiles of friendship; spring unfolding in flowered glory; frost speckled on windows; light streaming through the clouds; rainbows splayed across the room; seagulls at the sea; poignant love stories; beautiful cinematography; simple heart-felt hellos; listening to other’s story’s and waking up each day.

I’m realizing that the gift of having lived so long, is coming to the recognition of the glory in moments. As time becomes more fleeting, there is no time for wasting precious seconds and minutes wishing for something else. Perhaps therein lies the grace of aging.  The body begins to leave as the soul awakens more magnificently. We learn how to express gratitude without a hidden agenda of want.  If we are wise, we move into the essence and authenticity of who we truly are and learn deep appreciation for the Now. Vivere in momento!  

"Thousands of years ago, somebody came up with a notion of impermanence.  Of the beauty and inevitability of change. I had a long time to consider the value of memory. And, the idea the just because something didn't last forever, doesn't mean its worth is diminished." 5 to 7 (the movie).

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Sunday, January 1, 2017

Creating a Conscious New Year 2017

By Rev. Amari Magdalena

For many of us, each New Year starts with gusto and intention to make significant changes. At first, we are enthusiastic and leap into the new.  For a while, we may follow our plans and bask in the new energies.  Then life happens and slowly, imperceptibly old patterns reemerge and our intentions are slipping through our fingers.  The year begins to feel old not new.

Perhaps if we had a focal point for each month and posted our intention predominantly in several places in our reality-bathroom, office, car, refrigerator with a picture that clearly depicted our intention, we could stay on task despite outer interference.

Following are some suggestions for each month of 2017!  Here's to a New Year of coalitions and community building!

January-Capricorn A foundation month.  Initiate with others in creating communities that benefit the common good—gather in groups as “heart tanks” not “think tanks.”  Make group decisions that feel right and are devoid of ego.  Document your groups process to serve as a turn-key for others.  "We are co-creating communities of love, compassion and inclusiveness."

February-Aquarius A thinking month.  Move away from simply intellectual thinking and transform thoughts towards the greater good of your community, country, and planet.  Become aware which thoughts move you and others away from your Heart.  "We replace negative thoughts with heart-centered messages of good."
March-Pisces A creative month.  Imagine that you and others are building a hands-around-the-globe community that embraces the unique gifts of each person while benefiting all.  Let your imagination focus on what we can create that contributes to the Universal Good.  "Feelings from our Higher Hearts hold the power of creation."

April-Aires A high energy month.  See ways that you and others can energize and motivate people in our lives and groups to feel more recognized, appreciated and valued.  Imagine everyone feeling like their talents and abilities are important.  [“You is kind, you is smart, you is important” The Help] "We see and behold the genius in everyone we encounter."

May-Taurus A hearth and home month.  Find ways to make your home so warm and inclusive that everyone who enters feel embraced.  Clean out the old; embrace Feng Shui or other principals of energy flow.  Open your space to more gatherings.  Offer food and drink for nourishment.  Imagine your home as a living Heart.  "Our homes are welcome oases of peace and beauty."
June-Gemini A dual nature’s month.  Get to know the oppositional sides of yourself and your group. Bring them to peace with each another. Sit down with people whose beliefs are 180 degrees from yours to find common ground for building bridges across your differences. Time to surrender analyzing everything. Trust your feelings.  " We accept all parts of ourselves to create harmony within our communities."

July- Cancer A security month.  Discover ways to make your community feel more secure-emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually.  Co-Vision lives that feel free from worry and fear. Help others release fear and worry. End subscriptions to media agencies that promote fear and worry. “Wherever we are Spirit is and all is well."

August-Leo A feeling of royalty month.  See how you can form community relationships in which member reigns as integral, valued and important.  Create more equity in your community through interdependence.  Share the power of two or more. Foster benevolence in any leadership. "All here are valued, honored and esteemed."

September-Virgo An orderly month.  Partner with others to master managing chaos as it is presented locally or globally.  Soften criticism and create pathways for ways to compliment everyone. Gather a bundle of compliments and generously gift them. Acknowledge, by name, people in service industries. "We speak only good towards others."

October-Libra A balance month.  Seek greater balance in working with others in your family, groups, and community.  Focus on the ‘we’ and the greater ‘us.’ Practice reciprocity as an infinity of give and take.  See the scales of balance in your lives become perfectly even.  "We choose balance over chaos everywhere."

November-Scorpio An intense month.  Lighten up in all your relationships; find the humor in inflamed situations.  How can you care more without emoting negative feelings?  Be willing to change entrenched patterns that are draining everyone. Change your perspectives on the holidays. See them as time of sharing Light.  "We joyfully celebrate all traditions of Light."

December-Sagittarius A fun and travel month.  See how you can contribute to making your communities feel good.  Discover where in your community there is need for nourishment and upliftment.  What Universal fun can you initiate under this influence?  "Our hearts are happy when we contribute."

2017 is a Universal 1 year.  Beginnings abound. Time, as Tennyson said, to dreams those dreams that never were and say “Why Not!” Surrender the “I,” develop the collective “We,” and affirm for the Universal “Us.”

This is the Year of Greater Community.  Build alliances for positive and inclusive change in building increasingly interdependent relationships personally, nationally, and globally. One World, One Planet, One People. “Imagine all the people, living life in peace.”

[Note:  Updated from Shaman Talk: A Nagual Woman's Wisdom]