Thursday, March 23, 2017

Protection from Untoward Energies

By Rev. Amari Magdalena

Today in a meditation class, I was asked about how to protect oneself from untoward energies and how to recognize them.  This is an interesting subject as many people who are more open to the mystical and psychic phenomenon seem to perhaps be disproportionally more likely to experience darker energies.

First, I’d like to share that I basically adhere to the biblical: “See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.” I believe something in our subconscious subscribes to the concept of evil rather than it actually exists.  Old superstitions often leave people in fear with a deep-rooted belief in evil.

The Course in Miracles states that the only truth is Love and all else is false.  This, for me, confirms my personal belief. Yet, I am not na├»ve to the fact that much of man’s inhumanity to man looks a whole lot like evil. I am also aware, and have experienced, what might be dubbed psychic attack on a few occasions.  One involved a psychic attack on one of my family members when the person felt he could not reach me. The attack was experienced as very real and scary to the person.  I too initially succumbed to fear when I felt I was receiving energies from my personal Darth Vader.

We could say then that psychic attacks are real in our perceptions of them.  When experiencing them, it helps to feel empowered.  Having tools for protection can be comforting and help each of us set up appropriate boundaries to deflect the negativity. At times the attack may be veiled in so called guides who flatter our egos to control our psyches. Yet another form of negative energy direction though perhaps subtler.

In either presentation, establishing very clear and purposeful boundaries is ultimately the best protection. Many rituals exist to rid oneself of negative energy.  We might benefit from a Limpia Smoke Cleaning with appropriate protection prayers.  Some people may have a specific chant they repeat in such a circumstance.  Others may surround themselves in bright white or violet light. The construction in one’s mind of a pyramid of impenetrable light is yet another protective devise.  The Golden Shield of St. Germaine with the Violet flame is a further example of a protection creation.

I believe the most effective devise is a demand that the entity or energies step into the Light or leave.  This is stated quite forcefully with an iron clad belief that no darkness can exist in the brilliant light of pure Spirit. Added to that is embracing one’s own power and holding one’s space. Regular smudging and airing out of a home or frequently occupied space can also provide immeasurable benefit.

If all else seems to fail, I highly recommend a prayer I was first introduced to at Unity:

The Prayer of Protection
Written by James Dillet Freeman
“The Light of God surrounds you.
The Love of God enfolds you.
The power of God protects you.
The Presence of God watches over you.

The Mind of God guides you.
The Life of God flows through you.
The Laws of God direct you.
The Peace of God abides within you.

The Joy of God uplifts you.
The Strength of God renews you.
The Beauty of God inspires you.
Wherever you are, God is!
And all is well. Amen.”

You can substitute your name for Creative Source instead of God as you choose.  Further realize that YOU are an aspect of Creative Source/God, and as such are fully empowered to deflect anything coming into your consciousness or presence that is in any way interfering with your peace and serenity.  Hold your power, send the energy back to where it came from releasing it into Light. Clear up the parts of your psyche that are open to the concept of evil and correct your Karma. Stand in the full power of your Divine Nature.  And, remember, the I AM is impenetrable.  May you be blessed and freed of anything, or anyone, that keeps you away from your authentic inheritance of divinity.

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