Monday, September 19, 2016

Return to Passion

by Rev. Amari Magdalena

This is a piece I wrote some time ago, yet has relevance more and more in our world. Passion is a subject not all are comfortable with.  Recently during an interview for a possible teaching opportunity, it was remarked, “You are certainly a busy woman.”  This was expressed in a way that suggested that was something not to be valued.  My instant response was, “One of my friends has informed me I’m an overachiever.”  Yet, as it often happens, our first response may not be our best, I reflected on this. The truth that emerged on reflection, is that I am passionate about leading a dynamic life. Unlike many in my senior’s apartment complex who sit their days out, I will not go quietly into that good night.  I hope you will choose to set a blaze under your life too.  Here are my thoughts on passion.

Passion is essential to life.  In its absence, lifelessness prevails.  At its apex in orgasm, life and death merge and we return to the Oneness.  Unobstructed by societal mores and norms, humans are passionate beings.   We are innately encoded with the drive to express our passions on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.  Life lived passionately brings us into at-one-ment with All That Is. 

The turmoil, chaos and confusion that we witness around us today is a direct result of suppression of passion.   Frenzy is passion involuted onto itself and manifest in humankind as an aberration of its purpose and intention.  Lifeless people must commit acts of desperation to feel.  The daily barrage of murder and mayhem reported in the public media attests to the lack of healthy outlets for expressing personal passion.

Western society has for many years distorted the purpose of passion in our lives.  Religiosity has played a significant role in this distortion.  Rules and dogma developed by lifeless people have been foisted into consensus thinking to control this volatile commodity.  Suppression of natural passion has led to more and more deviations.    Modern media’s sexual obsession has resulted in unhealthy departures leading to permanent and incurable disease.  None of this divergence has led to health or well-being.

Integrated humans in the absence of rules on their expression of passion have fostered spiritual movements that altered the course of human history; created remarkable political concepts (i.e. democracy); built world wonders; crafted lasting artistic expression in multiple media’s; developed mind boggling technologies; explored outer and inner space; pioneered and invented ingenious tools for quality living; excelled in mastery of the physical form; and “dreamed dreams that no one ever dreamed and said why not.”

Passionless people have destroyed an entire continent’s Eco-system in less than one hundred years; obliterated animals; annihilated peoples; fostered hatred and ignorance; reeked mayhem and destruction to the products of passionate people; disavowed freedom; and fostered a dis-eased humanity.  Unfortunately, passionless people abound today--along with mediocrity.  And, the paltry partnership grows unchecked.  Crimes of passion reported every day in excruciating detail by the public media are committed by passionless people.  The powers that be who seek control of the public mind, corrupt the meaning of passion toward their own greedy end.  A vicious circle ensues with a resultant lasso roping in the cattle for kill.

Vacuous people wandering the megalomaniacal shopping malls and motoring aimlessly on grid locked freeways brandishing tune-out headsets and cell phones are the out picturing of a passionless society.  Couch potatoes eating their way to gigantism in mesmerized stupor before larger and larger cathode tubes from whence spews forth idiocraty and hypocrisy, typify the description American.  Mind control replaces necessity for crowd control resulting in fewer and fewer people having greater and greater influence.

Carpe diem was the cry of my youth and its impassioned message rings ever true.  The only mind control that we need succumb to is that which tunes deaf ear to messages of limitation and amplifies that small inner voice that says, NOW!  For it is in the now, the Tao, that passion prevails.  In the now we are afloat in the sea of possibilities and become the ‘Criatura’ or ‘Criaturo’ (Creator) of our own unique passion play.

Quantum physics has taught us that at subatomic levels we are all part of the essential ‘stuff’ of creation.  In this remarkable time of a burgeoning marriage between science and spirituality, we are gifted with all of the tools for becoming more dynamic, fantastic and passionate people.  Choosing to actively engage our body, mind and spirit as triumvirate of energies, each essential to the other, creates an electric charge--a  quantum leap--that leads us to discovery of Universes beyond our imaginings. 

Why not step out of your box of limitation to awaken dormant dreams, recalibrate your energies and resonance, and to consummate your self-promises?  Carry the gifts creation has laid upon your door!  Become passionate again about every aspect of your life and life circle.  Infuse your day with silliness, eccentricity, brilliance, sensuality, sensory indulgence, and dreams.  Let your motto be, “I cannot be contained!”  And may your personal cantata be a communion of body, mind and spirit that sounds a purifying release for believers in transformative power and PASSION!

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